MYDC2876.JPGHospitals and Clinics in Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone (CHASL) – The Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone (CHASL) has 12 member faith based hospitals and 37 member faith based clinics.  Although some are specialty centers, like the Baptist Eye Hospital in Lunsar, most are general medical centers which deal with all types of medical problems, both emergency and chronic in nature.  Nearly all of them deliver babies and all the hospitals do surgery.  Only the centers in the major towns have electricity and their power is not consistent.  WAEMM is dedicated to bringing consistent light to all the centers to save lives.  These centers and hospitals are staffed with nurses, nurses aids and if possible CHO’s  (Community Health Officers which are like phyisicians)

Dr. Karen Asher (Executive Director) A family doctor with 25 years experience, she sees some patients, helps with laboratory problems, trouble shoots machinery , performs ultrasounds and teaches medical and nursing students.  She also coordinates the visitors who come to Kamakwie as work teams, nurses, doctors and medical students. She serves as the Ohio representative to the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA).  She acts as a consulting physician for all the CHASL hospitals and clinics.  She assists the hospitals in setting up computer records for their pharmacies.

Dr. Thomas Asher (Medical Director) A family doctor with 25 years experience, sees clinic and hospital patients and does the majority of the c-sections and other surgeries.  He also teaches medical and nursing students.  He recently completed the Tropical Medicine and Travel Medicine course at WVU to better advise the hospital on current treatments of common tropical illnesses.  He works at many of the CHASL hospitals to allow their physicians to take a vacation or to visit family.  He acts as a consultant to all the CHASL hospitals to set up protocols to improve the quality of care at each facility.  He acts as the host physician to visiting specialists and medical student, introducing them to medical care in Sierra Leone and the medical doctors and nurses in Sierra Leone.

Arthur Allen, CPA – Arthur serves as the Treasurer for WAEMM.

WAEMM Warehouse – Run by Kate Wesolowski and a host of volunteers, the warehouse staff collect, store and prepare for shipping a mountain of medical equipment and supplies each year.  Kate can be contacted at kate.weso56@gmail.com concerning any available donations. We have a never ending need for gloves (sterile and non-sterile), eyeglasses, syringes (any size), bandage materials and foley catheters.  Please contact her with any questions you might have.  Donations can be shipped to WAEMM, c/o Bolt Express, 2000 Cassandra Dr., Toledo, Ohio 43611.