Volunteer Opportunities


Doctors – All the facilities only have generalists.  Therefore every specialty is needed as well as generalists.  There are less than 150 doctors in the entire country for over 6 million patients.  Even if you can only come for two weeks, we will see to it that the cases are waiting for you.  Pre-op and post-op care will be done by the existing staff.  Your skills can benefit more than one institution on one trip.  English is spoken at all hospitals and we will procure the supplies your specialty needs or communicate those needs to you before your arrival.  Surgical specialists will be assisted by Dr. Tom Asher and the African surgery techs on all procedures.  In the past physicians have come to do cataracts, strabismus correction, c-sections, hysterectomies, bowel resections, amputations, open reductions, glaucoma screening, physical therapy both with patients and instructing the staff, clinics at the hospitals and in the villages, computerizing a pharmacy and instructing the staff on proper care of medications, assisting and giving the current nurse anesthetists training.  Contact Dr. Karen Asher if you are able to volunteer your time.

Medical Students – Many students have come to do family medicine, Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Out-Patient medical rotations with Drs. Asher from the US and other countries.  The doctors serve as preceptors for both Osteopathic and Allopathic Medical schools.  Students find this is the perfect place to learn more about Tropical Medicine, Infectious Disease, High Risk Obstetrics and Pediatrics.  At the same time they learn, they teach the hospital staff and develop more mastery themselves in diagnostic skills.  It is preferred that the student be a 4th year medical student, but 3rd year students are accepted if space is available.  Direct supervision requirements limit the number of students who can rotate each year.  Time slots are available from September to June only.

Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Midwives, Nurses and Nurses Aids –  No one can better help define what a nurse needs to do a good job than another nurse.  Our nurses are always happy to have nurses to work along with them, to teach them new skills and to teach the visiting nurses about the types of cases we deal with every day.  We have had nurses come from as little as two weeks and as long as three years.  Your help is always needed and much appreciated.

Teachers – All levels of teaching are needed in Sierra Leone from preschool to High school to Vocational training to Bible school.  We welcome any who are willing to share their skills.

Others – All volunteers are welcome and there is work for all who are willing to do it. In the past we have had painters, plumbers, masons, electricians, mothers, youth leaders, singers, childcare workers and many other non-medical volunteers.  There is always plenty of work in and around the hospital campus.  They are also very helpful when we do outreach in the villages as there is much non-medical work that needs to be done in registering and directing patients.  All the hospitals are in dire need of bio-medical repairs, x ray and ultrasound instruction and help in accounting and computers.

Teams – If your church or club would like to come and serve a mixed team is always welcome. The size of a team is usually best if it is 12 or less.  Medical personal may or may not be part of the team. Contact Dr. Karen Asher about how your group can help.

Workers in the US – our team of volunteers at the warehouse in Toledo, Ohio need helpers all over the US.  Many hospitals are looking for someone willing to pick up no longer needed supplies like gloves, suture, IV supplies, catheters and bandage supplies.  Many churches make up layettes for the new babies.  A layette is a 1 gal. zippered bag with a blanket, a cloth diaper, diaper pins, a sleeper or onsie, and any other items desired such as hats, rattles, powder or soap.  Other churches cut and roll old sheets to use as bandages. If your church or club is willing to support this work, contact Coleen Szyskowski at 
419-536-6399 or barrelsforafrica@gmail.com

If you would like to contribute to this mission, please visit our Contributions Page.