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West African Education and Medical Mission, Inc

Zane Bauman (SWF Administrative Services): (419) 779-0660
Dr. Karen (Executive Director): + 232-88-280-093
Cell: (715) 570-0408
Dr. Thomas (Medical Director): (419) 322-8753
Mr. Walter Carew:  +232-76-602-595

Zane Bauman:
Dr. Karen:
Dr. Thomas:
Janina Douglas (Fundraising):

U.S. Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 5570
Toledo, Ohio 43613-5570

US Warehouse:
c/o Bolt Express
2000 Cassandra Dr.
Toledo, Ohio 43611
Phone: (419) 283-0168

Sierra Leone Agency:
CHASL 4B Kingharman Rd.
Freetown, Sierra Leone  P.M. Bag 20
Walter Carew: +232-76-602-595

If you would like to contribute to this mission, please visit our Contributions Page.

If you would like assistance donating online, please contact Zane Bauman at the Seeds and Water Foundation - (419) 779-0660 or